Emerald Isle Lhatese is a breeding program located in the beautiful Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). PEI is best known for its red soil, green rolling hills, potatoes, mussels, beautiful beaches, and, of course, Anne of Green Gables. We are a husband and wife team who seek to add to this list of PEI treasures by lovingly breeding these incredible companion dogs. 

The "Lhatese" are a rare cross-breed of "Lhasa Apso" and "Maltese". The "Lhatese" is also known as a "Kyi-Leo" in places like the Southern States and is a highly sought-after designer breed. The name, however, is a registered trademark, thus the necessity to name ours, "Lhatese". breeds were carefully chosen so as to produce lovely companion dogs, who are also non-shedding, and hypo-allergenic. My husband and I had a Lhatese for 12 years and he was the inspiration for wanting to breed this particular breed.

We take great pride in our dogs, and ensure they receive the utmost care. All our dogs consume a mix of a raw food and treats diet and high quality kibble (Acana), and enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh air, outdoor and indoor playtime, and heaps of snuggles! Our dogs are our "fur babies" whom we carefully chose and extravagantly love. We are seeking homes with the same type of love to give to share these remarkable dogs with.

We look forward to sharing our love of, and passion for, the Lhatese with you!


Sarah and Daniel