Gemma Dorothy is a pure bred Lhasa Apso (pronounced La-Sa App-So) who hails from Northern Ireland along with her sister Gracie. The name "Dorothy" means "gift of God" and "Gemma" refers to a "precious gemstone" and so we decided to name her thus as she was and is a precious gift of God to our family!

She is brindle in colour, dominant in nature, and enjoys being close to her people as possible! Gemma is great with children as well as adults, she's goofy, playful, and very lovey. She has been fun to train as she is a quick learner and very obedient. 

Our favourite quality about Gemma is that she has a "face like a human"; she is very intense with her eye contact, and when she looks at you, you can absolutely tell what she's thinking and feeling. She's very intuitive!