Tedrick "Teddie" James was our first fur baby, a Lhatese Sarah acquired as a 6 week old puppy while she was living in Calgary, AB back in 2008. He was - and continues to be - our inspiration for breeding the Lhatese. 

Teddie was chosen from among his litter mates because even at 5 weeks old he exuded a sense of independence, and a goofiness that Sarah fell in love with. The day she met him, while all the other puppies were clamouring for her and her friend Krystal's attention, Teddie was off actually chasing his own shadow and bumping into walls! As he grew he continued to "do his own thing" and we realized quickly that he was a very special dog.

Teddie was an amazing family dog; quiet, loving, and very intuitive to illness, anxiety, and sadness, all while responding to and bringing his own joy to our home. He was eager to please, loved to howl ("speak"), chase his tail, go in the car, chase squirrels, he gave the best "high-5's" and he even knew how to play hide-and-seek! His affinity for children was incredible. He was so patient with them - even when babies would put a death grip on his ear or tail! 

Sadly, Teddie passed away in 2020 at the age of 12. What a blessing and a privilege it was to be charged with his care and to be considered "his whole world". He passed away at home with us, his pawrents, by his side after rallying and eating a handful of liver treats (his favourite!). We wish every future Lhatese owner had the opportunity to meet him as those who did immediately fell in love with him. Teddie made it abundantly clear as to why we wanted to breed these incredible companion dogs. He is sorely missed, but lives on in our hearts and the legacy of every Lhatese puppy born under this roof.