The Breed

The "Lhatese" are a rare cross-breed of "Lhasa Apso" and "Maltese". The "Lhatese" is also known as a "Kyi-Leo" in places like the Southern States and is a highly sought-after designer breed. The name, however, is a registered trademark, thus the necessity to name ours, "Lhatese". Follow this link to read more information on the Lhatese.

"Kyi-Leo" is the registered trademark name for a Lhatese. For full history and information on the breed click here to read a thorough article about this highly sought-after breed.

Here is a link to the CKC's synopsis of the Lhasa Apso breed.

Here is the CKC's synopsis of the Maltese breed.



The average lifespan of a Lhatese is 13-15 years.

They're GREAT with children. This is one of the reasons we breed Lhatese, and also one of the reasons Lhatese are one of the most highly sought-after small breed dogs.

Every dog needs to be groomed to some extent, but because Lhatese are non-shedding dogs their hair keeps growing. Unless you're interested in spending a LOT of time brushing them every day, we suggest you have them professionally groomed every couple of months.

Breed Size

Sampson weighs 8.8lbs.

All of our Mommas range in size from 14-15lbs.

Our Lhatese puppies will range in weight from 12-15lbs when full grown. It is difficult to pinpoint precisely how big each individual puppy will be because the genetic makeup of each puppy is different.

Cost & Shipping

The cost for one Lhatese puppy is $2000CAD. This includes tax, 8wk vaccines, dewormer, microchip, a comprehensive "Welcome Home" basket, health guarantee, and a lifetime of support from the breeders and the rest of the "Lhatese Family"!

The very first step in getting your name on the list for a puppy is to fill out the application form. Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you to let you know if we believe you would be a good match for one of our puppies (and vice versa). At that point we would require an in-person meeting in our home so you can see where our dogs live, where the puppies have been raised, and so you can meet all of us. The next step would be to place a deposit and wait for the 8-week threshold or wait for the next litter.

The deposit to hold a puppy is $350 and is non-refundable.

Payment is due in 3 "installments" as follows:

1) $350 is due upon approval of your application to hold a puppy for you.

2) Half of the remaining balance is due upon puppy selection which happens when the puppies reach 4-5 weeks in age.

3) The rest of the remaining balance is due when you come to take your puppy home with you!

The "Welcome Home" basket includes the following:

- Customized storage basket for leashes, toys, etc.

- Puppy training book.

- Harness.

- All-in-One "Hands Free" around-the-waist leash / walking leash / treat bag holder / poop bag dispenser.

- 2 rolls of poop bags.

- A 2.2kg bag of puppy food.

- Training treats.

- Teething bone.

- Their favourite toy from the whelping pen.

- Blanket from the whelping pen.

- Harness or sweater.

- Naturally-based dog shampoo and deodorizing spray

- A few pee pads to get you started!

For deposits and/or puppy sales we accept e-transfer or cash.

We are in the process of adding merchandise to our webpage. Once these products are ready for sale, the following will be applicable:

For product purchases we accept Paypal or any major credit card under our 100% secure checkout. 

We would still love to talk with you! We have puppies already living in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and have had interest from all over North America. Fill out an application form, check out the answer to the "do you ship or deliver" question, and then we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

We absolutely DO NOT ship puppies to anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances. We will consider delivering puppies in person at the adopter's expense after MUCH communication by phone AND video conferencing, and after checking references. Please note: 2 extra references will be required in this case.

Please reference our Sales Agreement for specifics on our health guarantee.

We The Breeders

Strictly speaking of dog breeding we have a combined total of 6 years of experience. In the realm of animal husbandry we have a combined total of 40+ years of experience.

We have 6 adult dogs in our home. We have 4 breeding female Lhasa Apsos, 1 breeding male Maltese, and 1 non-breeding Lhasa Apso rescue.

All of our dogs live in the house with us! We have a bright, spacious "dog room" on the front of the house in what was the sunroom. This is where they eat and sleep, and sometimes play, but once they've been out for bathroom duties in the morning they are free to roam the house and snuggle on the couch or the bed with us!

Outside, the dogs have nearly 1/4 acre of fenced in green grass-covered yard to play in, an auto-filling water dish, and a soon-to-be-built play structure to climb on (Lilly especially likes to climb)!

We feed our dogs a diet of high-quality raw food and treats. We believe that this is the natural diet of dogs and therefore promotes optimal health and longevity as it helps to prevent the development of allergies and many age-related illnesses.

OF COURSE! In fact, we will not sell to anyone who cannot and has not come to our home. We love showing off our fur babies and their babies and the environment they live in so, come on over! Call, text, or e-mail us so we can chat about a time that works best for your schedule. Do you drink tea or coffee?

Absolutely! You can check out our "Happy Lhatese Families" page to read some references, or we can put you in touch with these families directly! Feel free to also be in touch with the Vet Clinic that takes care of all of our dogs.

Most definitely! When acquiring a Lhatese puppy from us you become part of the "Emerald Isle Lhatese Family". We have birthday parties for puppies and other get-togethers, and share pictures via text message and social media. We love to see what our "fur grand-babies" are up to with their awesome families!

We have an awesome Vet who cares for all our dogs and puppies. The puppies were "seen" in utero before they were born, and they will be thoroughly checked over by the Vet when we take them for their 8-week vaccines, dewormer, and microchips.

We also require that the puppy be seen by your Vet within 3 days of the puppy going home with you, and will require the rest of their boosters and yearly check-ups/vaccines.

Puppies should be 8-10 weeks old before going home with their new family. We at Emerald Isle Lhatese do not allow our puppies go any sooner than 8 weeks. They receive their vaccines at 8 weeks old and we keep them here for 24hrs minimum post-vaccines to be sure they don't have any adverse reactions to them and can be seen by our Vet in the event that they do. 

Yes! Without the mothers (in particular) having their vaccines up to date the puppies would not be able to resist diseases and viruses that could otherwise be damaging or fatal for the puppies.

We began breeding our dogs when they were 2 years old. We will retire our dogs from breeding after 5-6 litters or sooner if her health and well-being requires it. 

At Emerald Isle Lhatese our goal is always to produce beautiful, calm, playful non-shedding, hypoallergenic companion dogs that are excellent with children, seniors, and everyone in between.

We only allow each of our females to have 1 litter per year maximum. This may mean 4 litters total in our house for the year because we have 4 breeding females, but each female only has 1 litter per year. Pregnancy is hard on their bodies and so we like to give them lots of time to recover, rest, heal, and get lots of snuggles before even thinking about the next litter!

Most definitely! Our dogs live with us, they're bred in our home, puppies are whelped in our home, and the puppies are raised in our home! They start out in their heated whelping pen with Momma until they are approximately 4 weeks old and then they spend the next 4 weeks in a large playpen in the sun room with frequent "field trips" to the living room or kitchen for open play time with humans and Momma.