Iris Wendy Darling is a pure bred Lhasa Apso (pronounced La-Sa App-So) who hails from Wolverhampton, UK along with her sister Lilly. She is one of our breeding females and weighs in at 14 lbs. The name "Iris" means "rainbow" which we know to be a symbol of God's promises to us. "Wendy Darling" was given as her middle names because Wendy is the name of the breeder we got her from, and "Wendy Darling" is also our way of giving a nod to the story of Peter Pan and her English roots. 

She is brindle in colour, dominant in nature but very gentle in how she approaches people and other animals. Iris is also very snuggly, loves to be close to her people, and is extremely nurturing.

One of our favourite moments with Iris was when she discovered the laser thermometer. She thoroughly enjoys chasing after the red dot on the floor and pounces on it like a cat...apparently we need to remind her of what species she belongs to!!