Gracie Rae is a pure bred Lhasa Apso (pronounced La-Sa App-So) who hails from Northern Ireland along with her sister Gemma. She is one of our breeding females and weighs in at 14.25 lbs. The name "Gracie" means "grace of God" and "Rae" in Scottish heritage means "Grace". We named her "Gracie Rae" to remind us that though we are imperfect, God has compassion on us and gives us given us His free gift of "grace upon grace". 

She is fawn in colour, submissive in nature, and eager to please her people. She is very snuggly, gentle, and excellent with new or timid people. She loves to take naps with her "fur Mama" and enjoys being held like a teddy bear with her head on the pillow too! 

Our favourite quality about Gracie is her patience. We have a fond memory of her with her first litter, a singleton male. She was laying on the floor of the living room with him and he was trying to entice her to play by growling at her, jumping in her face and then pulling her ear. He was pulling with all his might, and growling, and tail wagging, and Gracie just laid there as though nothing was happening!!