Peppa Princess is a pure bred Lhasa Apso (pronounced La-Sa App-So) who hails from Northern Ireland. She is a sweet little rescue I met while over in Ireland acquiring Gemma and Gracie. While Peppa is not one of our breeding dogs she is very much part of the family, and gets spoiled maybe even more than the others as a result of her "humble beginnings". She came with the name "Peppa" but we couldn't leave her without a middle name. So, as a nod to the Monarchy, and because we believed she should be treated as royalty, we gave her the middle name "Princess"!

When we met her she was underweight, had ear infections, intestinal worms, was in serious need of dental work, and was afraid to even jump up into the car or go up stairs. Within her first month with us she gained 1.5 lbs, had all her infections cleared and worms treated, dental work looked at, and was happily jumping up into the car to run errands with her fur Mama! 

One of the things we love most about Peppa is that from moment one she began "mothering" all of our other dogs, cleaning them, caring for them, and playing with them! She is a sweet, tender soul who brings so much joy and warmth to our home - we wouldn't be the same without our little Peppa Princess!